The Song of Yoru & Asaichi [Plus Bonus Page]

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Asaichi started his own band to be popular with girls. He's lead singer in his indies group when Yoru joins as a temporary member. They're all having fun one night after a show when Asaichi makes a serious mistake. As a result, Yoru confesses his feelings for his band leader.

Asaichi's always felt that being with a guy would be gross, but he's unexpectedly filled with desire when he hears the brash Yoru sing. They begin indulging in their carnal desires whenever and wherever the moment strikes. Yoru's one-track mind for Asaichi has those around him going buckwild with passion and jealousy. Where will their emotions take them...?

This is the ever-evolving and extremely talented Harada's second book with the Qpa collection!


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Takeshobo co.,ltd.

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Yoru toAsa no Uta

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The Song of Yoru & Asaichi [Plus Bonus Page]

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The Song of Yoru & Asaichi Encore [Plus Bonus Page]

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