Rosasusannah's Reviews & Ratings

This is a gem for sure! I know it already. The characters are both too cute with great chemistry and the story so far has been hilarious. Love it!
What are these cops doing intercepting weapons with their noggins? I'm pretty sure that's not what they teach at the police academy! Other than that, this manga is great! Adorable yet sexy characters, cute story and appealing art style. I love that there were no cliche misunderstandings here. This couple is very straightforward with each other. It's refreshing and lovely.
This is a 10/10 if you're looking for a light hearted read. Great characters, simple but heart warming story, and appealing art style. Despite the good amount of fluff, the setting even had some depth to it in dealing with themes such as insecurity, showing vulnerability, and being who you truly are. I love it.
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