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A-mazing. All of this is consensual, sweet and spicy progression of two guys in love. Lots of fluff, but also lots of naughty scenes still. All of it is CONSENSUAL. They navigate their relationship together, but nothing overly dramatic either. A very sweet ride. Loved it.
Absolutely loved this. Sweet, sensual and dealt realistically about age gaps and the realities of dating the same sex. I loved this. Also the art is super cute!!!
Let me start by saying I /love/ this author and totally ecstatic to see them on renta!! But of all their works, this may be one of their weakest ones. The first couple are heavy non-con without much conclusion to make us believe they could work. Heck, if anything I was rooting for the main guy to get with the other character. The second story is nice, but doesn't give you much time to get attached to the couple. The art is gorgeous as usual, I love their style. I hate saying that the story doesn't do the artist justice -- their other works are so great! I just don't understand why this heavy non-con one was the first they decide to translate...I feel like it's not a proper introduction to this great Mangala I've been following. Renta please bring more of this author!!!
Honestly these two are just terrible together and Cole is the worst. But here I am, on series 3 still invested to see what crazy Cole will pull next. I guess I'm just s glutton for punishment.
I read chapter two and decided to pass. The arts nice but the top straight up blackmails and forces the bottom (I hate that trope.) The bottom also does the whole "well I did it once by force but I like it now" suuuuper fast. Dunno, just was too sped up and the writing lackluster.
UH WOW I ACTUALLY GOT CHOKED UP BY THE END. This was a really thoughtful and well written story that touched on topics I rarely see healthily dealt with. Unfortunately there is one short noncom scene. But really, this story is so good I overlooked it. It just wasn't what I thought it was going to be and the art is also goooorgeous
Plz be aware this doesn't have any sexual content! It's suuuuuuch a slow burn and no real payoff imo. The art is very nice but the end even felt a bit rushed for something that slowburned for 9 chapters.
First story was actually really cute!!! The second story is straight up sibling incest tho so uh...kinda ruined it for me esp cause the first one was so cute.
The art is really nice. But, this is like omegaverse but uh...BDSM themed? I'm not super into it because the sub doesn't really want it or the position. Not really my vibes.
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