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Honestly not my thing. I appreciate the pretty art but I cant get over the kink featured in this one. Constantly throughout the book they talk about fooling around in ELEMENTARY school and comparing the bottom to his body in elementary school as if it was better even though they are in college. It gave me the creeps and honestly I just got fed up and barely read the last half. The top is overly possessive and tortures the bottom to participate in his kink that the bottom has to suffer for. Overall, not worth $8! I honestly wish I could get my money back.
I feel like this is my personal duty to inform you that yes, they do sexy times while in the mascot suit. If you're into that, totally go for this. Not my cup of tea but the art was cute!
Tender, sweet and romantic. The love feels genuine and is lovely to see them fall in love.
A decent hentai with one non-hentai story. Some of the stories were nice but the sex scenes left a lot to be desired imo and it was hard to tell what was happening in some parts. Nice art though.
Ive been following this and super loved it for this cute and silly story. But the plot twist in the most recent chapter was sickening and gratuitous...it's one thing to reveal what happened, but it was definitely sexualized this gross abuse that happened. I'm really disappointed.
Niyama is one of my favorite mangaka, and I've been eagerly awaiting this!!! Instant buy. While this starts as a "blackmail trope" it quickly turns into a romantic story that's also very hot. Manami, the protag, is surprisingly endearing and earnest which made my heart beat as he fell in love. The side story was cute, weird and funny!
It's weird calling a book where they've had sex since the first chapter a slow burn but honestly it is!! I've been so into this series, but the emotional investment of "will they won't they" has dragged on too long that watching one side think the other isn't interested has become daunting. Cute characters and their relationship is great (over time) but the "playing dumb to feelings" feels sort of beating a dead horse after one side has admitted their feelings NUMEROUS times. Sex scenes were hot for a while, but unfortunately theyve become a bit stale like a vanilla married couple.
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