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The artwork is unique and the story plot a little crazy, but honestly what BL isn't like that? But truly, I've enjoyed it totally thus far. It's a story of young love and two guys coming to understand their feelings for each other. It's very sweet.
Wow, this may be one of my favorite BL ever! Definitely my top omegaverse. The story has a lot of depth and emotion written into it. I actually teared up at the end. The art is beautiful and the writing was great. I super recommend.
If you approach this knowing it's a comedy, it's really funny and just a silly, fun read!
Really loved seeing two buff men switching!! And then suddenly hard brother incest popped up randomly. I'm OUT.
It's okay, I liked the first couple only imo. I didn't expect it to be a story of multiple couples, which ended up being frustrating as the other couples felt a bit bland. A big issue I had was the third couples story had a pretty racist portrayal of a black person, like how they used to draw them in the 90s. I'm surprised Renta let that through, as I'm honestly a bit uncomfortable that I purchased something with that in it.
Everytime I buy a multi-couple manga one couple is /too/ weird. This is one with a very weird couple. The concept is very omegaverse but more confusing. Art is pretty as always by this mangaka. But one of the last couples having sex while they are surrounded by the tops baby pictures is too much for this fujoshi.
Honestly not my thing. I appreciate the pretty art but I cant get over the kink featured in this one. Constantly throughout the book they talk about fooling around in ELEMENTARY school and comparing the bottom to his body in elementary school as if it was better even though they are in college. It gave me the creeps and honestly I just got fed up and barely read the last half. The top is overly possessive and tortures the bottom to participate in his kink that the bottom has to suffer for. Overall, not worth $8! I honestly wish I could get my money back.
I feel like this is my personal duty to inform you that yes, they do sexy times while in the mascot suit. If you're into that, totally go for this. Not my cup of tea but the art was cute!
Tender, sweet and romantic. The love feels genuine and is lovely to see them fall in love.
A decent hentai with one non-hentai story. Some of the stories were nice but the sex scenes left a lot to be desired imo and it was hard to tell what was happening in some parts. Nice art though.
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