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This one is so sweet and cute! The art is really good, both of them are handsome and cute so many times. It's a light and fun read.
The story isn't deep, and the main character (uke) has some naive ideals. At the beginning almost have non-con with drugs, so it can make some people uncomfortable or be triggering, but it doesn't happen!! If you like boys with dog and cat ears, handsome seme and cute uke, but don't mind just a little slow burn from the seme and nothing deep, it's a good read.
This review is based only on the first chapter. So far so good, it's interesting, fake relationships turning real is one of my favorites prompts. The art is really good. Of course, since I read only one chapter, the relations between characters (not only the two main) are still not that much developed. I don't know how it'll go, but I'll read the rest. I liked so much the main characters' dynamic!
Unfortunately not my cup of tea... I was captivated by the beautiful cover, but oh gosh I am disappointed. It's not always that a non-con bothers me so much... I know I only read one chapter but neither of them seemed interesting to care, felt a little off, and something about humans used as toys (sometimes sex toys as it's implied, maybe even children...) didn't settle down in a good way with me. The only thing that is a little good is how the human at least doesn't obey when it's not what he wants, but at the same time, he is a little way too naive about how his word works between humans and beasts, just so convenient for the plot.
One of the sweetest BL I have ever read! The two of them are just so cute, and even cuter when they are together. The art is beautiful too.It's a great option for those who like cute couples and sweet young love.
This one is so sweet! It's really interesting how their relationship works around since highschool till coworkers at a flying company, the two are well constructed by themselves and together, the drawing is beautiful, the smut didn't felt off place (and there is not that much). It's one of my favorites on Renta.
That's one of the hottest BL I've read here! The art is really good, the development of their relationship is very good (not so slow but not rushed), and the smut is top tier! Worth every dollar.
I like it so much! It's funny, sweet, hot, all at the same time. The uke is handsome and cute, and the seme can be cute too! I kinda want more but it's the perfect size and price. Highly recommended!
I was reluctant about buying it or not, but my curiosity won and OMG I really liked the fake boyfriend, the crossdresser and the masochist stories. There are various oneshots, the others are fine in general, just the first one is rushed. The art is great, and have a good balance of smut and cute moments! But I agree with others reviews, it's a little expensive...
This was my first manga completed here, and so my first review. It's nothing really new, but I really like it! These two dorks teasing each other, but can't admit they like it, it's a little funny, and hot too LOL and it becomes cute in the end! Every in a while I reread.
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