If You Want Me, Beg

author :

Hachiko Sato


“Did you just cum because you're deep throating me? ...You damn perv." Miyama, 3rd year into his IT sales job, had just been given his biggest job yet, however he just couldn't find a system engineer to assist him with it! The only one who he could possibly ask was the asocial type person- Odagiri. After getting super drunk, Odagiri tells him to “Then, cum for me. Right here, right now." Under Odagiri's freezing cold gaze- so cold Miyama could feel it on his skin, Miyama couldn't help but notice how different being with Odagiri was to being with a girl! So, he attacks him again and again! It's time for the cool, super sadistic (unaware) and the 100% masochistic, always horny playboy to start their erotic love story!



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author :

Hachiko Sato

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Mobile Media Research

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Mobile Media Research

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