Jinx's Reviews & Ratings

Really good art. The MC heroine seems like a fighter already so that's refreshing, despite all the stuff she's put through at school. Hoping the love interest turns out well, because some of the expressions were already giving me a heart squeeze. I'll be looking for the next chapter.
The arts really nice and the heroine seemed pretty decent and not a total pushover. The love interest was appealing to look at and seemed nice, BUT I just cannot get over the information that I'm pretty sure he plastered her with alcohol to take advantage of her. It just didn't feel right.
This and Artist and the Beast are definitely my favorite reads for Erotica genre. The female MC is a sweetheart to the point that it's endearingly and not eye rolling. The love interest, Satoru, is SO freaking attractive that I've read through about three times. He's a jerk a lot and fakes a smile, but deep within
The art style is quite lovely and Tomoe is definitely attractive. The female MC kinda bugs me with her draumatic attitude but that's more of a personal issue. Anyways, back to to Tomoe, he's rough yet oddly romantic and actually is a guy that stops after noticing sexual stuff makes the MC uncomfortable and then saves her later from a situation. Second chapter probably isn't as realistic but it's manga so Ok, though it'd definitely give the MC trauma. MC's fianc辿 is a HUGE jerk (understatement).
First chapter had me questioning whether I'd like this but DO keep reading because it gets a lot better and had some heart twinging moments. Art is really unique and the cute, and HOT scenes!
The art is really nice and so detailed for facial expressions, which I always find rare. Oooh the feels in the second chapter! Smut scenes are good without overdoing it, but definitely hits more towards smut with feelings type of manga which is always refreshing. Cannot wait for more!
I barely leave reviews but I just had to with this one. The main character isn't annoying as hell, in my opinion, and I think I'm in love with Taichi *swoon* He is SUCH a gentleman and a nice guy. I cannot wait for the next chapter! So expecting there to be a twist