TouchTheSound's Reviews & Ratings

I love the series, I can't wait for more!
I love this story so much so far!
This was super cute and funny. If it's only 3 chapters, than it's a little short but good nonetheless.
The story is written really well and the art is great. I'm excited to learn more about this strange boy and merchant!
I really enjoyed reading this story so much! Its cute and funny. I loved it.
I am really loving this story. The main character is so easy to fall in love with and his personality is great. I'm excited to read until the very end!
I really enjoy this title.
I'm a HUGE fan if this author's work. This is really great. I am enjoying the story and the characters so far and I am eager to read all of it.
This is great, lots of feelings and the story is just as great as the other two, though I tend to like a little more "togetherness", it was still great. I'm a fan of this author now for sure.
This was such a great sequel. It just kind of picks up where the original left off and the story is still amazing!
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