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Definitely absurd but funny and cute. Would have liked more scenes of them together rather than the mess in the middle but I loved the ending. Very sweet together.
Ah how I wish this series could go on forever. Theyre so cute and funny I love them!!!
Love the art and the characters. They were so cute!
Im not the biggest fan of *time skips- resolution * but it was fine here. Wish it went more into detail about Riku bc it felt like they kept hinting at him being more serious/dark without the payoff. Overall, very cute relationship story and the smut is -as always- fantastically drawn!! Loved the extras of Shuji and Naoya too!
Love seeing Ryo get some in this! I was really interested in him from the other story. Riku is also sexy! It felt like their relationship was still somewhat shallow but I see there's another volume so *zoom* over there I will head! As always the art is gorgeous and the smut was *chefs kiss*
The art was adorable, the story was wonderfully silly but cute. Loved it!
Great bonus to the other volume, very happy!!!
Art is really cute, lots of smut, very quick read. I wanted to see more of the friend and the other dude. Felt like a loose string I wanted tied up awww.
Quick and dirty lol very pretty art but very fast
Not very smutty but didn't need to be! It was very cute and I really liked the art.
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