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I'm so happy this got translated! I love this story so much. The perfect mix of fairytale and love manga.
I have been looking forward to when this title would be translated into English since I've seen it on the Japanese version of Renta. Yamamoto Tomomitsu is one of my favorite love manga writers. Her drawing style is gorgeous and her stories always have some unique elements. In this story, Yume, a shy young woman, falls for a fellow student who reveals to have a dark side. Through their relationship, she is confronted to her own less than pure nature. One of the best stories by this author.
This is one of the best mangas available on this site! The story is set in a ninja village which is quite original. The main character, Ayame, is very endearing. I think it's hard not to like her and root for her as she longs to get closer to Shoma, the best ninja in her village. The love scenes are hot but there are also moments that are really heart-warming like when Ayame imagines how it would be like if her lover snuck in her room to see her in secret. I feel this is going to be one of the readers' favorites next to Over-cumming writer's block and The Artist and the Beast.
I'm giving this manga 2 stars because of the quality of the drawings. The love scenes are very hot, but the three main characters are just aweful! That makes the story feel really nasty. I would recommend it only if you don't care at all about the plot and just want to look at some hot stuff.
Riko is such a lovable character. The art is also beautiful.
That was nice! A good story with an interesting plot and lovable characters. The writers doesn't go for the usual tropes of the genre, which is quite refreshing. I think I will read more of her work.
I really liked this story! The characters have really depth and you'll end up really caring for them. Their story is touching and they face real challenges. It doesn't hurt either that the art is stunning.
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