Raody's Reviews & Ratings

Plot is fast, heroine is an idiot to cling to her dream so badly when the guys treat her so poorly, even if she does like one. Glad I rented, won't be buying.
The art is sooo awesome, but I just finished volume four and it feels like the plot has already finished. Should I buy the other books just for Yoshimi's attractive ... face? I don't regret anything.
Simple and cute. I enjoyed it very much. Great if you just want something short and sweet.
I enjoyed volume two, but really felt the story was finished at the end of volume four. MC is sweet and so eager to please, so it was an interesting take on the selling-oneself plot.
It's cute and I enjoyed it. I bought a volume cause I wanted to be able to see the MC's awesome resting bitch face again! Hahaha. Theres not enough interest for me to read it again, but I recommend reading it once.
Meh. Too fast paced, no character development not a lot to see. Art was nice, though.
I love this story. Lots of sex, lots of character development. Even old tropes are done well. Has a very down to earth feel, and I like everyone.
Cute story. Hot scenes. Wasn't to into the characters, but I enjoyed it.
Too fast paced. Felt more like reading a montage, and the art was not to my liking. Wish I could have rented to try instead of buying outright.
Funny and hot.
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