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The stories and art style wasn't my cup of tea.
I AM SO HAPPY THAT THIS MANGA IS HERE! Kakine is such a talented artist and storyteller. It is such a treat to [legally] have this ebook. If you're a fan of Kakine, then please support this release! We might even get more official releases in the future!!!
It's fine! Nothing too notable for a story about childhood friends become lovers. Although their mutual friend, a fundanshi, has good potential for a spin off chapter
Very horny. Truly blessed.
I love the story and art so far. It really sucks that you can only rent chaptersEspecially since they're so costly for a 48-hour rental period :-(
Really nice story and artwork! A lot of stories with closeted gay men end badly... but this story had such a satisfying ending!!
Cool concept but incest isn't cool
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