My Incubus -Is Love Included in the Contract?-

Teach me about love, will you, Meg?
Meguru is... WAS engaged. Her now-ex claims that her performance in bed, or rather the lack thereof, is why he called it off and Meg is struggling to come to terms with this new reality.
A certain web radio show is her only solace. One night, she dozes off while listening only to be overtaken by a sweet scent... and visited by a charming man in her dreams! Suddenly, the naughty activity she had never enjoyed is the best thing ever.
A bewildered Meguru awakens to find Rem, an affectionate, dazzling young man before her.
"I'll teach you everything there is to know about passion, so fall wildly in love with me!"
What hallucination...! Is what she thought until entering a contract with a real, live incubus!!

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My Incubus -Is Love Included in the Contract?- (1)

At a time when I've got so much on my mind, who should show up but a super hot, lovey-dovey incubus!? "I'll teach you how to get it on if you teach me about human love, okay?"[36pages]
Pages: 36
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My Incubus -Is Love Included in the Contract?- (2) NEW

Meguru is introduced to Rem's "charms" and starts getting a handle on the situation when a certain someone shows up at her apartment. Can Meguru hold herself together or will Rem have to step in?[36pages]
Pages: 36
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Ichiru Harunire publisher : Taiseisha Watashi no Innma-kun -Kono Keiyaku ni Ai ha Arimasuka-

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