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If it were possible to post no stars I would. At first you think that they are gonna be close brothers and one develops a crush but then the younger brother turns twisted and angry which if there were enough story here to resolve it, wouldn't be a problem but they don't put the effort in to make anything make sense.
I love it so much!!!!! Of course since you picked this up, you probably like therianthropes, so I can tell you it's hot, it's beautifully drawn and the emotions are delectable, this might be my new favorite since it checks off on good emotions, good plot, hot characters, and a good relationship!
This one was sorta hard to read, Asaichi was really terrible through all of it and if something super terrible hadn't happened to him to soften the readers heart to him then it would have been too much to take. He softens a little by the end but still sorta not a read I could recommend.
So the love story between Satoshi and Hiroyuki is good, some communication issues but that's typical of this kind of story but man, you just can't root for Jun. He goes villain and then they try to make him sympathetic and impish but it feels thrown together, they solve nothing and the story doesn't feel complete.
I need more! Its such a gentle sweet love story and I need these two to confirm their feelings for each other and end up together. Volume 2 please!!!!!
A little fast paced and all over the place but a good read nonetheless. Both hot and adorable!
It went on a good while and I enjoyed it but it feels a little unresolved. I can't help but want more of these two.
So much love for this series!!!!! Its so good I cried, I laughed, I stayed up late reading it and I love all the characters. My only regret is that they separated the true beginning of the series from this .
This was surprisingly heartfelt for being a yaoi about a guy with a foot/leg fetish. It was sweet and funny and just pervy enough to satisfy but not creepy. I really enjoyed this a lot!!!!
All the stories were fun and cute but I especially liked 'The twittering beak' it was the perfect mix of sweet and adorable and steamy and sexy. I just loved the characters so much!!!!!
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