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So much love for this series!!!!! Its so good I cried, I laughed, I stayed up late reading it and I love all the characters. My only regret is that they separated the true beginning of the series from this .
This was surprisingly heartfelt for being a yaoi about a guy with a foot/leg fetish. It was sweet and funny and just pervy enough to satisfy but not creepy. I really enjoyed this a lot!!!!
All the stories were fun and cute but I especially liked 'The twittering beak' it was the perfect mix of sweet and adorable and steamy and sexy. I just loved the characters so much!!!!!
This was really enjoyable to read! Flash backs to Sukisho/Sukisyo! Lol, ah such a fun concept to play with!!!
This series is so good! At first I thought Arata was sorta bland but the more you get to know him, he just seems exalted and doomed at the same time by both his love and his respect for Sojun's skill. I can't wait to read about the first time that Sojun leaves Arata and see how he freaks out.
This is really well written and even though its full of tropes, it feels smooth and funny and beautiful but you also want to hit the main characters over the head and twll them to be honest and say they love each other already!!! But it was sooo expensive its really hard to justify the cost. I mean of course tge artist deserves to get paid for their work but when there are so many chapters, it can really go on the back burner till you foget about it.
This chapter feels so short but comes to such an interesting turn, I can't wait as long for the next chapter as we wited for this one!!!!!!
Both guys are really intense, its not an overly emotional story of love but a story of walls put up to avoid getting hurt and it has a touch of realism in there most yaoi doesn't have.
I liked the plot and the art was decent but the way things were worded was a huge mood killer to the point I couldn't enjoy the story. This was worse than just bad grammar, the verbage used would ruin a scene that could have been great if written with more care.
It's quick to the action which is not a bad thing and the characters are adorably awkward. They keep calling out awkward top a gorilla as if he's unattractive but while he's not the pretty bishie top, he's still good looking. Our seductive bottom is so awkward, its too cute to handle! I love it, I want more!
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