StreetUrchin's Reviews & Ratings

All the stories are pretty good. A couple were too short. So I took a star. If they were longer and allowed a few more details...oh well.
It was a letdown.
The art is pretty good. The story could have been much better.
Stories are short, and okay.
Extremely short stories. Not saying they are not a good read, but it's not worth purchasing. Rent it. Personally this will probably be the only time I read it.
The story is a lacking, I feel the art and the student makes up for some of it, so I will give it four stars. The teacher himself is what I felt was lacking. I just didn't understand him all that well.
I have to say this is more of a 3 or 4 star, but little extra at the end made me smile enough to make this a 5 star. It's cute, it's got hot parts, it has a confident seme in one story, and a confident uke in another. So for me, it has everything.
Very much a letdown. It had so many places that were so-so with feelings.
Honestly, what I hate is that I'm positive it's a oneshot. Then again, also very happy it was short and sweet.
More of a 4 star. It's a little rushed. It's sweet and has a lot going for it.
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