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Hahaa! Interesting.. Honestly, ive been craving for this type of storypace! I like this manga and wishing to read more like this! Yay!! Art is good too.. Thanks guys
OMG! It's finally heeeeeeere T.T thank you sooo much erenta sama. I was looking forward for this one to be translated in engvers T.T because this one is pretty good! Ive been collecting this even in raws now, i can read it in english T.T thank you so so much...
This one really deserves a 5star. It was great and amazing manga ^^ i never knew this one finally ended.. Great pace with a great art.
Hahahahaaa... What a cutie i loved this series so much. It's really funny XDD I found myself enjoying the manga alot! Souta is really adorable and haaawwttt! And the FC is a freaky eater Hahahaha. Thanks erenta hope for mooooore chapters
Woaa! This one surely recommended. I like it that much! It is such a Lovey dovey story with a great pace and a wonderful Art! I like the second ML as well.. I'm sooo hooked with this manga :D that i even purchase the raws! Thanks erenta for picking up this one. Hope more raws to be translated and bought here... Stay safe.
Hahaa. Nice! The summary caught my attention and lead me to purchase without noticing, that it is a oneshot manga..anyway, thanks erenta for sharing such a wonderful manga again. Stay safe along with the Author :)
Aaaaaahhhh! My weakness ...... when it comes to manga Age-Gap/Older guys, T.T I cannot resist but to bought/purchase it right away even without reading em.' Haha! Just by taking a peek, i can say this manga is really good. The Art is soooo Fantastic! it's like a next level type for me :) Aaaaaaand the story seems interesting...grrrrrrr looks erotic Mygaaasssh! Thank you erenta sama for sharing such a wonderful manga like this T.T ive been wanting to read more older guy manga.. I cannot wait for more chapters. Thank you so so much! This made my day complete.. Stay safe guys
Ohmmmyyyy! This mang is soooo hot ?? i wish it has moooorw chapters.. My fetishes on the hot guy with their sunglasses is to the next level. Aaaagh! The Art is fantastic and the story is really intriguing i love it. Thanks erenta sama ??? stay safe and godblessed
Omegaaaaad! This manga proves that, don't judge the book by its cover. I found myself craving for mooooore chapters T.T plus i love older guys aaaaaaaahhh. Am i late to read this wonderful manga? The guy is sooo Hawt! The Art is soooo fantastic aaaand.... I love the story pace between our MC's here. Deserved a 5star! Well recommended.
Aaaaww. I love this story soooo much historical is really amazing manga as always i love the story pace and the Art is amazing. But, i somehow feel cliffy. Well, maybe that is how the story is. Deserved a 5star
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