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Mygod! It's finally here @@ can't believe waaahhh!! i love childhood friends sooo much and deeeym bruh! It's soooo hot! As in HOOOOT!!!! .. 10/10
Yay!! I super love this mangaaaaaaa.. it's a masterpiece for me T.T the art and the story pace is really marvelous!! Well deserved a 5star!
I give five star for the Arts! The author never missed to amazed me by their Arts thoug, the story seems fuckup and ML's side story didn't catch me alot. I still reading this and see for further notice so, thanks for bringing the titles and keep updating. I wish some abandon manga can be updated as well xD
Yess!!! A slap once was made me like this manga xD this is gonna be interesting!
Mygaaawd!!! I'd never read such a beautiful story like this!! The ML almost is perfect and can be vibe as e second ML .. I love this manga already!! Well deserve a 5star!!! Happy belated newyear renta! I hope to read more from this T.T
Waaaaaah!!! Finally an updaaaaaate!! What a day to begin :) thank you so very much renta sama, you guys are amazing!! I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy Newyear! You never let readers like us down! I really appreciate your efforts! You all deserved a Happy Holiday!
Haha xD i Love the set!! They are such adorable.. Gender bender always be my favourite tag. Thanks for this renta hoping for more..
I like it that much!!! Very interesting.. Please more xD
Awww.. What a cute lovestory xD the art is up to my liking xD it's pretty interesting.
Well, agreed! If this stuff happens in RL, it's really horrible! But when it comes to manga. This kind of explicit is absolutely good! I like landlord appearances here and the FC is cute too ^^