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Holy cow. This one is...so filthy and completely, painfully good! It feels short (because there's a TON of short stories in this one, especially with the lectures) but it packs a huge punch. Seriously. It KO'd me with sexiness. I even bought this to rent at first and then upgraded to permanent, which I NEVER do! Definitely recommend.Also: The top in the main story reminds me of Joseph Jostar and I think it's time we all acknowledge Joseph Jostar vibes as a kink. "Ohh my gah-"
It was okay! Not enough smut for my liking, but Sosuke was a good top.
Good stuff. It's what you'd expect, but isn't that why we're here ;)
This is exactly the kind of thing worth reading. Older uke, all consensual, some pervy stuff towards the end when the relationship is established. 5 stars.
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