Sasafras82's Reviews & Ratings

I love it!!!! The whole split personality thing is so intriguing. I really have no idea what direction this will go, and I'm super excited to find out. I can't wait for a second volume.
I am so excited to read more, that last volume left on a bit of a cliffhanger.
All of the stories are incredible, they are all a bit short, but they have great substance :). I definitely recommend this one!
The first story was okay, the second story was awful because the boyfriend was a real jerk in my opinion, but the third story was nice and had a good amount of depth to it for a short story.
This story is so cute. I love that it is a long story too, so there is a nice slow burn instead of a rushed love story.
So cute, I really wish that they would make a second volume. If a second volume is made I hope it focuses more on the main couple, rather than her boss and best friend.
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