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not recommended at all don't waste your time
i feel like the story was ruched with a lot of emotions in it, it was really sad to see your loved one betray you like this and never believe you. if a relationship is not build in trust then what's the use of love, what if another situation happen again will it be the same? not cup of tea
i don't like him at all he was a coward till the end i can tolerate anything but i can't tolerate cheating and what he justified it by being scared of love i wish i did not waste my money on this
Soooooo lovely i really loved it its really unusual from HQ stories awwww i am so in love with it you won't regret reading it ^^
i didn't like it at all better skip it he was so annoying and she was annoying too
i advice you to skip it i have never hated a hero in a story like this one who literally drove me mad i wish i didn't buy it!!
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