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I face palmed so hard when the guy asked “why does she have to wear such light clothing?!”….because it's goddamn summer and it's hot as balls outside, dingus. Have some self-control.It's a straight up, brainless, hentai plot. If that's your thing, by all means collect it all but I'm stuck with a bad buy.
This was an adorable find. A wholesome game of Cat and Mouse-Human that gives off a classic “romantic” comedy flavor. It's a refreshing break from all the smutty stories when you just wanna laugh and bask in the fluff. The story is a joy and the art is a feast to the eyes. There's no harm in satisfying curiosity by renting this for a few days but it's highly likely you'll end up upgrading to the full amount. I'm looking forward to more! Can't wait :3
Mei is without a doubt adorkable and your typical fujoshi fangirl. The story moves like a shinkansen (bullet train) but it doesn't bother me too much (surprisingly). Sex scenes are seriously lack luster because there's no chemistry buildup between the characters and getting drunk isn't sexy if that's the only way they can get it on. You can see where this story is going from a mile away but if you're enjoying it, by all means, carry on.
Judging by the title, you get exactly what is advertised; an extramarital affair that happens by “accident.” (At least on the wife's part). Which I think is an interesting twist to an infidelity story. There's your typical plot points of blackmail and moral tug-of-war, and the sex scenes are plentiful and savory. I appreciate the clever placements of the speech bubbles that saves the awkward censorship and I admit, the dirty talk is…very spicy.I know that it usually takes two to tango in affairs but if one is unwilling to indulge, I'm curious to see where it goes. As of this review, there's only 3 chapters released and I'm hoping this story doesn't fall into a typical hentai plot but I won't place any bets on that yet.
Spicy, spicy, spicy! The story is really endearing and refreshing. It's nice that the love interest isn't some pushy horn dog blackmailing the protag into sexual enslavement. Consent is incredibly sexy and this story does it right. Thank you for the meal!
I was curious about the story but it should be retitled: “Miyabi's Four Engagements: Kaito's Route” cause that's essentially what it is. I'm not sure if the author will come out with later volumes for each suitor but the other three didn't stand a chance. Okay, now from the artistic review. This could've have been a sexy experiment. Ripe for some sexy threesomes or foursomes or full on rapture service but missed the mark. Another saucy manga that jumps right into the sexy time and leaves the plot much to be desired. The artwork is lovely and easy on the eyes, if you're in it for the love making scenes. It's worth renting if you want to see where the ridiculous plot is going and that's okay.
It's a refreshing twist but it lacks a substance in characters and plot. It jumps right into the nasty bits and that's pretty much it. There apparently was some history between the characters but there's little to no context about it. I've read hentai comics that had a more solid plots but if you're still curious, it's at least worth renting.
If you want a quick fix, it's a good rent! The plot moves at light speed so be prepared.
Great pacing for a short story! The situation is so ridiculous but it works well. The characters goals appear one dimensional but they got great chemistry. I'd like to read more of their sexy adventures but I think there's enough meat on the bones for the reader to fill in the gaps of their own headcanons so it's perfect as it is.
It was supposed to be a fling but it pulled right in. I rented the first chapter and then the rest; then I bought the whole thing lol I don't wanna spoil anything so I encourage readers to give it a shot.