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I love this!! It has romance, drama, sexy scenes, love and everything in between!! Made me cry, smile, heart ache and I was sincerely rooting for the 2 leads!! A must read!!
OMG!! I was skeptical about this story but it all went away!! This is a really good heart felt love story!! I love them both together!! The drawing is really good and those scenes are so hwat!!! A must read!!
I wasn't so sure about this just from the summary, but I'm glad I read it! This story is really refreshing and different from all the other ones I've read so far. The drawings are really nice and the whole feel if the story line is really gets you. Please upload more!
I am totally in love with this manga!! It's so good!! Definitely a good read for everyone!
I just love this manga!! I love the drawings, there character developments, the story line is really good, the sexy scenes are saucy, everything about this manga is awesome!! Definitely recommend everyone buying this and reading it!! Can't wait for the next chapters to come out!
This is so interesting! The drawings are good, the sexy scenes are fun, and it also makes you laugh and feel good inside. Definitely a good read??
Omg, I can't get over at how well this sorry line is going!! Sexy, funny, and cute! Really good read!
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