sawada7's Reviews & Ratings

I love both MCs and how the guy is head over heels with the heroine. He can be mean at times but he really cares about her. They are so loveable. The plot is good, sweet and it is full of smutty goodness. Gonna re-read this!
Darn it! This is so good! I freaking L. O. V. E. it!!! Worth every tickets spent! It was well written, the plot I mean and the couples are very realistic. The MCs were both lovable. Recommended to everyone.
The first and second story is good but I prefer the first one better. Office love but I love how the relationship progress and some scenes are funny. But the 3rd one is so bad and at times I felt disgusted. Sorry but that's how I feel reading the 3rd story.
I love the 1st and the last story. Overall the stories were interesting and different and it's kinda relatable. I love how the relationships progressing. Worth the ticket!
This is so darn good! I'm so in love with this manga. Good story and plotlines, interesting characters and love the main characters Azuma and Rui so much!!! Totally a gem! I've been reading it over and over again for countless times. Can't hardly wait for the next volume!
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