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Sooo Takenashi is very forceful. Like, VERY forceful. Made me a little uncomfortable in the beginning but as the chapters went on Akemi, the straight guy, began to realise his feelings. It's a good story, but I just think Takenashi was a little too intense
I guess technically Kotaroh is a bit of a stalker but he's so damn sweet and so damn in love with Miike that he's just blinded. It's a very sweet story thanks to him, the art is so good and there's a decent amount of smut. I'd probably say worth reading!
Pretty good. The first and third stories were pretty enjoyable but the second story made me uncomfortable. Obviously the stories are quick, there's realistically not much content in each nor much smut but they're still okay
I'm not usually in to omegaverses but I saw the great reviews so thought I'd give it a go and I'm so glad I did. Definitely worth buying, the story was so good! The smut scenes were hot and the artist is very talented. It's so worth the money
The titles a bit misleading because the mc is only really lightly teased. Still it was good and very sweet, plus the art was nice.
The story was great, the characters were oblivious and the art was stunning. There was a surprising lack of smut scenes though, and sometimes the characters were too oblivious so those were the reasons I'd give it 4 instead of 5 stars. Still a very good story though!
Super cute, I wish there was more!
Not much went on at all. The titles very misleading as they only have sex once, other than that the smut is pretty thin on the ground and in my opinion the story is quite weak. It has potential for so much more but it just wasn't delivered right.
It was okay, just a bit quick? Like any issues were resolved on like the next page, there wasn't much in terms of smut. It could've been a little better to make it flow more, and there could've been more depth to the story making the angst and smut feel a bit better. The artwork was really good too!
Honestly despite him not being the star of the story my favourite character was Sohta from Listen to Your Teacher XD naturally as I'd read that series before this I was skeptical about Haruki, and this story was a little odd... It's difficult to describe, I mean Shion was a stalker but clearly in love so it was difficult to figure him out. Haruki's a bit of an asshole naturally. They have a very complex relationship but it was the classic 'you don't know what you have until it's gone' situation. I just wished Haruki was realising his feelings earlier which would make the ending a bit more dramatic. But whenever Sohta and Mr Tsuji made an appearance I couldn't help but smile and laugh, the story itself is probably worth 4 stars but it was them two that made it 5 for me
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