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So many good stories one story caused my heart strings to tighten I started to tear? on the verge of crying? so many loops and lips couldn't put it down until the very end I give this manga a 5 out of 5 ?
The story is great the designs are well put together I couldn't stop reading it's whole new meaning to love with a Twist kind of makes me wish there was another part dealing with one of the other gang members here's helping
This is a really great manga I'm always looking for a great manga that pulls at my Heartstrings I was tearing????? up so bad but I couldn't put the manga down I had to read it to the end here's a question is there another manga where it tells the story of the Big Brother vampire if there is can you please give me the name I'm hoping Big Brother vampire can find his other half LOL and to the author thank you for writing such an amazing manga props to you?
I love?? this manga this manga pulled me in I couldn't stop reading it made me want to read more made me sad?? there was no more to read it really is a great manga
The art is good the storyline is good what would make this manga great or even better is if it was longer LOL I felt like I couldn't put it down until I read it to the end then I realized there was no more to read ? but it really is a good manga
Without giving too much away it was a good read talking about the hardships and then Falling in Love definitely worth reading??
I enjoyed this manga sooooooooooo much without trying to give away too much of this manga it really had me going when a certain individual came into the picture I have never wanted to deck someone's Halls so much but you know this mangas good when it pulls you in LoL? smiled I laughed ? I cried ? it really did move me y'all
Great storyboard love the twists and turns made me cry a little I can appreciate a good book?
Storylines are amazing, well-drawn manga I know this is a good to a great manga because it pulled at my heartstrings and I started to cry ? so this is a really great manga props to the writer thank you for making this manga. ?????
I have to admit this is a really great manga I've enjoyed it from beginning to end the basic storyline is awesome I got emotional I admit it and I would definitely recommend this manga to a friend or friends#enjoyable manga#read again