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Odd, but still cute! I like that art and the story is simple, but since it's a one-shot it doesn't need to be complex.
So incredibly cute! The tonal shift from ch 3 to 4 was a bit jarring, but I still liked how the story developed. The art is beautiful and the characters are precious.
Supremely cute story! Yuu seems to be DEEPLY repressing his trauma, but everyone copes differently. A good and fairly lighthearted love story, despite the potential for major angst.
The description makes it seem a bit like the relationship is dub-con, but it's actually just a very cute story about two sweethearts who are horny for each other and trying to be good. The art and story are just as amazing as the other stories by this author, and the smut is both pure and steamy. Love it to bits!!!
Incredibly cute and sweet!! Mostly about the couple's developing relationship, with pretty minimal angst, despite the description making it seem pretty smutty.
Unbelievably cute story, with a strong but innocent uke omega and the poor frustrated alpha who just wants him to take his meds when he's in heat and outside, fighting spirit is not a replacement for suppressants, no, I don't care if you can beat up any alpha who tries anything. Also plenty of nice steamy scenes, but the pair is mostly just adorable
Adorably fluffy smut, what's not to love?
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