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Enjoyed it enough to rent, but not buy permanently. Endgame pairing is pretty obvious and the story isn't that deep, but it's a fun read.
I LOVE this story. Please read if you like slow burn romance with a solid emotional foundation with trust and respect. Please read if you like characters whose varying backgrounds impact their choices. Please read if you like characters growing together and because of each other. Please read this amazing story. Worth every single cent.
I was pleasently surprised at how much I liked this story. A majority of the story takes place in the past, but it does a good job of showcasing how much the leads needed each other when they were teens and how much of an impact they had on each other's lives.
Interesting read. Don't see why the rabbit had to be involved the way he did. Seriously, the love rival bit was over and done with WAY too quickly to have any real impact for the story and for myself as a reader. I'm glad Leo actually learned what it meant to "please" Yuri. His misunderstanding and the hijinks that ensued from that were entertaining enough. I just wish I could've seen more of Leo's character development to truly feel happy for him at the end.
Really like the lead characters and the dog. The story was nice, really, but I felt like the revel about the history between the leads didn't matter. It was almost as though the author wanted this shared history to have more of an impact, but there wasn't any hint at it other than at the very beginning. That's only a little thing in the grand scheme of the story, though. The ending itself was okay--more of a "meh" ending rather than a "noice" one, if that makes sense. Where things left off with the grandma felt very unresolved, but that makes sense with her views and relationship with the leads. The "unfinished-ess" of it still feels off, but that's just me. It was a good story overall.
The story is cute and I really like it, but I share the sentiment with a few other reviewers--it's a little flat. I think it may have to do with how weak the true confrontation was, which may have been a result of the lack on internal conflict we saw from the male lead.
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