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The art was really nice and cute, however, I'm going to give 4 stars because of all the sexual harassment the MC has to go through.
Their love is very cute. Everyone who speaks about the sister is telling the truth, believe them
The art is nice and I liked the concept of Shoma being a film lover. However, majority of the book seemed like dubious consent to me (Shoma is a pushover) and I wasn't a huge fan of that. Yohei is a pervert 100% and kudos to Shoma for actually being able to forgive him for all the things he does.
A cute story, but it was a bit all over the place. Since it was a one shot, it was short but felt pretty rushed. Perhaps a longer story would have better paced it out. I don't regret buying it since it was pretty, ahem, sweet.
A light read for a one shot. The story and art were both okay, pretty cute. Both parties consented which was nice and all's well that ends well.
This story was so enjoyable since all the characters have depth to them and you can really get a feel for the characters from the story. The art is superb and I liked the flow of the story, it didn't jump around and was filled with smooth transitions. One thing, there is a love triangle that I was a little unprepared for so it made me cry when obviously one man was chosen over the other. I hope the rejected party can find their happiness some day.
This story is pretty cute and sexy while personifying the hands on a clock. There is some drama that made me laugh a couple times.
I'm so glad Nyan-nya continued Sweet Heart Trigger. My absolute favorite BL manga because of this couple's obsessive dynamic. This manga isn't for everyone but the drama and story is refreshing and interesting. All the characters are super hot too so that's a plus! I can't wait for more works :)
I wasn't too sure what to expect from this title but by the end of it, I found it was a super enjoyable read. The main character is the cutest and I really liked the character's expressions throughout.
I thought this first volume of this manga was a very solid start and I enjoyed reading it a lot. The characters seem mature and I really like the female lead for being such a relatable woman. The way the male lead is so serious, almost comically is a great hook (to me personally) for the manga. I'm excited to read more.
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