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This is basically perfect? I can't believe I got so much out of such a short story. Very likeable characters, very enjoyable story. I wish the art style was a tiny bit cleaner, but the character design was very pretty.
The first two chapters so far are just setting up the story and characters, so no progress yet. But the art style and character design are just so pretty and cute that I've decided I want to pay and wait it out! So far everyone is so polite and sweet, it looks promising.
What an unexpected treasure! The first chapter and description totally betray the rest and I mean that in the best way possible. I really love the way the characters were drawn to represent their switched personas, it especially stood out in sex scenes and was very well done. Art style was great, both characters were super lovable, and even the fact that their relationship is insanely fast paced seems to work for this story somehow.My only criticism is that I wish the threats of suicide were not as constant and sarcastic, it felt rather manipulative - but even that wasn't enough to destroy how much fun I had reading this. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for more work by this artist.
Absolutely gorgeous art skill here. To be honest I thought the kink would throw me off, but everything is drawn just so beautifully that I was taken with it straight away. The attention to detail, clean lines and shading is just perfect. And both of the characters are just breathtaking! I have been reading it over and over.
Great, series. Nothing about it is particularly unique or exciting but otherwise I honestly can't fault it. Great pace, great balance, clean art and likeable characters. Feel good fluff and loving xxx scenes, and both boys are very pretty. A safe purchase.
To be honest, I bought this after reading the first volume and really liking that kiss, but I didn't end up liking the rest at all. The pacing of both the story and the relationship were all over the place, the art style was a bit messy and their language with each other felt really uncomfortable. I couldn't tell if it was a poor translation or just really poor word choices, but they were hard to understand and it made adult scenes super cringey. Only stars were because the chaotic art style suited the dramatic performance scenes - those at least turned out really pretty and I honestly would have loved to hear that concert.
I love it! The story so far is almost identical to Strawberry Panic but with boys! I'm looking forward to further installments.
I wasn't sure I made the right choice in buying this initially, as there was ZERO consent. But while this is a terrible love story, they make up for it in spades with a wildly obsessive sexual relationship. The way they look at each other is so insanely hungry and lustful, I feel embarassed! And despite an awful start to a questionable relationship, I found myself totally rooting for them.
Considering the plot started with a lie, these are two of the most sweet, honest, and wholesome characters I've ever read in an adult BL. Kon is SO CUTE and their embarrasment at figuring their relationship out is just so precious. Sex scenes so far (chapter 5) are hot and the pacing is good. Beautifully drawn.
I love this old fashioned, classy style. This did a great job of showing the beautiful side of a fetish/obsession. I'm normally repulsed by the idea of a foot fetish but this made me appreciate it in a different light.
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