Make It Big

author :

Katsura Kojima


Ishin, an aloof vocalist with natural talent, and Kaoru, a struggling singer with a background in traditional folk music, are a duo about to make their debut. They've been clashing like oil and water since the president of their talent agency made the brilliant move to team them up despite their differences. However, recording their debut record certainly hasn't been going smoothly. Still, Ishin and Kaoru are putting everything they've got into this debut so they can make it big. Soon, something clicks between them during the recording and they experience a sense of unity as a duo. That night, the excitement lingers on and something happens... they end up on the floor of their apartment and their lips meet. They fall in love the way some guys exchange punches.
This story is about an emotion-filled affair between two guys who go from clashing to understanding and eventually become inseparable.


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author :

Katsura Kojima

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ShuCream POP

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Japanese :

Thirsty High

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