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iconic. amazing. showstopping. the absolute pinnacle of omegaverse bl. everything you could ever ask for. i dont want to be silly but i think ive read this 7000000000 times
I know we're all annoyed with the whole “BL is only irredeemable porn” thing that most people think about this genre but this is... a lot. The sex scenes are pretty hot (I love a good forceful “yandere” type) and the art is actually really nice too, but this is practically unreadable because anything that isn't the porn is completely nonsensical. Not that porn has to make sense, but whew. It's a doozy, ya'll.YMMV, of course. The porn really is hot so if you're only here for that then you've come to the right place. But..... I'm glad I bought it one chapter at a time because I definitely don't think I'll be reading past the first. Maybe I'll revisit once I get truly desperate in the future (lol)
better than i thought it would be!! yanderes are the best!!!!
i... really did not enjoy this. the arts okay, the storys okay, the smuts okay, but i can't figure out what makes this one of the most popular bl on renta...?- theres almost no plot- any angst is solved in 2-4 pages (not joking, go and check). i found both characters really boring, as well? most the dialogue was either “atsushi!” or “tsukasa!” lol. you learn almost nothing about either of them and its really uninteresting. and all this would be fine if the smut made up for it (because lbr, thats what a lot of us are here for), but thats my next problem--the smut is boring. it goes from 0-100 SO fast. i know a lot of bls do this but in this one its just laughable... id be fine if this was pwp (happier, even), but theres not even that much? and what IS there is meaningless?this is my first bad review.. its not completely unreadable and it might be alright for Babys First BL but just know theres so much better stuff out there :')(also i really hate the way atsushis ass is drawn lmfao)
*chefs kiss* ive spent almost $500 on renta and this is easily in my top 5 fave things ive read despite it only having a few chapters up! im obsessed!! the arts amazing, both charas so lovable, really really hot... im gonna watch closely for updates!!
This is one of my fave things Ive ever read on this site!! SO warm SO cute SO fluffy!! It moved at a perfect pace and wasnt overloaded with smut scenes, but also wasnt lacking in any either. I really started to care about the characters.... I wanna see how his part time job with Tatsumis friend goes ;??; I really loved this!!
I think this gave me a hand kink www this is really hot!! i love possessive guys in BL so this was amazing!! good mix of smut and feelings, and both charas are ikemen!!! perfect!!
One of my fave BLs I've ever read. The facial expressions specifically are my favorite part, I really love them.
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