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Wow! I am super excited to read more! This first volume is such a teaser and in such a great way!
I really enjoyed this story. I felt for the delinquent but he completely changed his life to get the man of his dreams. Even though the man of his dreams took awhile to get there in his head. Once he did, they were so happy. They were already kissing but it added the extra intimate step of sex.
What a sweet story! I love how the story began with them at odds then Tsukasa began to like Natsuki. He at first just got Tsukasa interested in being with a boy -- Getting blow jobs and having sex. They go through innocent HS rituals then they realize how much they are in love. By graduation, it makes you want to really cheer for them because they love each other so much and don't plan to let each other go.
I really loved this series following two guys one older, one younger into war...the horrible nature of the war that eventually brought them back together. The love the two share is so real...special...unique. It was sad when one had to watch the abuse of the other to help protect another young kid and get back the kids ring only to have the kid die. The 2 don't actually get intimate with each other until the end when they thought they had no time left. It was a beautiful love story. Very smexy. Highly recommend!
I loved this. As much as I love smexy, I also love a really good love story. And this one did not fail with its rejected "hopeful boyfriend" to start." But a 10 year wanting this boyfriend, to have it finally come true was amazing. Sweet! SO Sweet! No penises shown here although in one scene, the guy answers the door naked. So no real nudity. But the Manga is definitely still worth reading!
I enjoyed this. Makoto never really hated Kakeru. He hated his fake look. He had really fallen for him not knowing if he was straight or gay 2 years before. Kakeru really loved seeing Makoto do Archery. Makoto gave Kakeru "extra attention". Because their names were side by side , they were always placed together. Kakeru was confused about his feelings for Makoto. Makoto gets him to share his feelings with him and his friends. Kakeru sees how much happier he is now.The story ends with them in some rather smexy scenes and Makoto and Kakeru at the beginning of a new relationship,one with Makoto already pledging his love to Kakeru. Kakeru is definitely getting closer!! Really love it because it is about how one boy loved another for 2 years and was willing just to watch him until he got too fake with his actions with friends. Makoto got him to realize he needed to be true and & honest. His friends appreciated his honesty more!! Hope to see more from this Author!
This was the sweetest manga! I love these 2 taking care of Tomoe first and then her sweet daughter Ayu. But then Ayu was really taking care of them in a way because she brought them closer as a family. And included so many other people too. This was an amazing love story not just between the two men but their love of a little girl who grew up to have her own little girl. Highly Recommended !
This is the sweetest brotherly love story I have read so far. Most stories have them having sex. And this one does too but Haruhi and Akito share such sweet feelings of love. It is actually Akito who falls for Haruhi and once he tells him the story of his love, Haruhi can't help but love him. Haruhi does worrybecause Akito is the heir but Akito is not worried. Haruhi also get jealous of all the girls Akito has around him. Akito reminds Haruhi that he only has eyes for him. It continues with everyone accepting them, Not only that but seeing it when they were younger in Akito for Haruhi.I really liked this brotherly love. It was sweet. If it has more, I am sure I would love it too since they are spending a bit more time in the bedroom!
Ok. So just a few chapters back and I was actually tearing up for the first time with one of these BL love story mangas. I thought it was sweet how Tsukihito followed Mioto's life through Mioto's, Dad's stories to him, whom he met through his grandmother. Tsukihito loses his grandmother and Mom at the same time. Mioto has lost his parents as well. The rich prefect and the scholarship kid connect. Mioto is the only one that can really talk to Tsukihito. Then the ball prep happens. The Prefect from the other school finds Mioto. THAT NASTY GIRL! She tells Mioto to leave her fiancé alone and leave forever. Will he? Will he tell Tsukihito? Or one of the other guys who would tell him? Especially after pinky swears. Can't wait for more! CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS BEFORE! BINGE IN ONE NIGHT!
All of Nagatora's host women use him for money. And that is his job, but thsee ladies are a piece of work. His hairdresser convinces him to try batting for the other team. He is now falling for Reina and Reina is falling for him as they do all kinds of dates. I hope as the sErie contines the two will express their love for each other.
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