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I really enjoyed this story. I found the MC very likable! I was really rooting for her! She's naive but strong-willed and kind without it seeming like people are just walking over her. I respected her a lot. Also really like the love interest. He was very kind and thoughtful toward the MC and recognized her skills. Also he's a dork, lol! I think a lot of other readers didn't enjoy the beta couple, but I thought the author did a good job of making each character sympathetic. I wasn't mad at them...just kinda sad. The art is gorgeous and the story is well done! 10/10 recommend!!
I already really enjoyed this first chapter and look forward to more of the story! I like female MCs that aren't always too eager to fall in love, which is the vibe I get from this girl. She loves food and I respect that. Plus, I prefer the men to chase, hehe. The male MC seems sensible if a bit terse but it's more fun seeing this type of personality fall in love, lol!
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