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I LOVE mutual pining, especially when one of the leads is completely unaware of how deeply loved they are. The artist is really good at subtly displaying emotions in different ways. Ayame, who believes her husband, Shoma, does not love her (he does) is often wracked with heartbreak. Since she's our POV character for most of the story, we are often privy to her thoughts. But, sometimes, she'll turn her face away from us and we see her hand go up to her face as if to wipe a tear. Then, in the next panel she's smiling again. Shoma is an extremely stoic character but his feelings are often expressed by the atmosphere around him, his actions, and the few words he does say. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys sweet, fluffy yearning by a female lead who is painfully in love without the consequences of an undeserving partner. Since Shoma is so sweet (and also very sexy) towards his wife, the story reassures me that Ayame will have her emotional catharsis eventually. 10/10, would rec.
I really enjoyed this story. I found the MC very likable! I was really rooting for her! She's naive but strong-willed and kind without it seeming like people are just walking over her. I respected her a lot. Also really like the love interest. He was very kind and thoughtful toward the MC and recognized her skills. Also he's a dork, lol! I think a lot of other readers didn't enjoy the beta couple, but I thought the author did a good job of making each character sympathetic. I wasn't mad at them...just kinda sad. The art is gorgeous and the story is well done! 10/10 recommend!!
I already really enjoyed this first chapter and look forward to more of the story! I like female MCs that aren't always too eager to fall in love, which is the vibe I get from this girl. She loves food and I respect that. Plus, I prefer the men to chase, hehe. The male MC seems sensible if a bit terse but it's more fun seeing this type of personality fall in love, lol!
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