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This is definitely an unconventional one, and in that regard I have to praise it. It's not "uwah! hearts pounding! fan me!", it is its own thing. Akira is slightly frightening in appearance and Izumi is totally emotionally absent, but Akira is such a sweet soul and Izumi accepts him completely. They live in their own world.(also I am living for the aesthetic of the artwork when Akira walks in on Izumi in book 2) I enjoyed it and will definitely buy the next chapter ^-^
Sorry, I rented both chapters and gave it a shot but I really didn't enjoy this one. somehow its really popular so i suppose if you like fast pace smut with intense art then u might like it but to me, some of the faces and postures in the smut scenes were so exaggerated I felt uncomfortable looking at him. When he was just being his curious self, the demon was drawn beautifully and he was very cute, but the quality of the art in all the other characters was really inconsistent. I just hope people don't read this solely because of its popularity like I did, but instead take time to find the perfect manga on Renta for you, cos there are some gems here.
I LOVE IT!!!!! This is one of those mangas where it steps out of the systematic yaoi world and reaches right for your heart because you fall for the seme's so hard and the uke is FRIKKIN ADORABLE - without being a pushover! The uke expresses himself and the seme's have contrasting yet harmonizing personalities. The relationship between the two of them is so intriguing. The three of them are just made for each other, the development in their relationships is so effortlessly fluid. I really love this one ^-^
This is my absolute favourite manga out of everything I've read on Renta. The artwork is insanely beautiful, the goal the creator had for the character design came through perfectly, the boys and their love for each other are so believable. Also the artist has an amazing understanding of the perfect angles to draw from (which I believe is the make or break factor for erotic works). The story is not rushed and its not too slow, they develop and allow the readers to bond with the characters before jumping into the lovemaking (which is gorgeous) . Sorry for such a long winded review but I truly love this manga and cannot wait for the next chapter!! ??????
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