ebookrentadecember27's Reviews & Ratings

I like the MFC and the art was smooth. I am hoping there is more posted for this series!
Ready for more! I like the way they converse and the spice is off the charts. Very sexy scenes.
Please release more chapters! This has been a great read and the story has never once been boring. I cannot wait to see more content!
I really enjoy this series.
Uh, nope nope...pretty obvious this seems to be some sort of stalker. I thought maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but take the other's advice. It is not for anyone who cannot stand creepers.
This is a pretty great story. I like how vulnerable the characters are. I really like the banter they have inside their mind. Makes me laugh and it's naughty at the same time.
Cannot wait for more chapters!
This was the perfect amount of sex, romance, and length for me. At times the FL was a little too shy, but overall a great read.
So...art and story is good. I am going to continue with the series. However I keep getting major creeper vibes from the male lead. I hope I am proven wrong, but not exactly sure how this will turn out.
At first I wasn't sure I was going to be into this series, but now I am really enjoying it. I am glad the heroine is not ditzy and has a regular size body. I will happily keep reading until the end!