Yamino's Reviews & Ratings

This is a must read for me, for real.Wonderful one worth each cent of the price. Well drawn, immersing story and interesting characters, with just spicy enough scenes (wish there was a little more but nevermind). I do have a special feeling for Lewy, and the wolves are so beautiful and majestic and still cute and I wish I had one so much. But if I had to find a bad point I would say there is too much reflexions and thoughts explained to us, like all the feelings of the main character, she is always doing self-reflecting and introspection it's too long, sometimes it breaks the flow of the story. But there's nothing impossible to deal with, this actually add to the overall feeling of the manga.
So cute and hot at the same time ! Except for this cat who's obviously a guy but looking (dressing?) like a girl, sometimes I was wondering whether he was really a male lol Indeed Sable is just the perfect mix of cuteness and obedience yet so strong and manly, and so naive but still getting jealous and keep being faithful to akira. I can actually feel the personnality of a dog through him like I can feel the cat in argie, just like the saying : "dog thinks : he feeds me, he must be a god, when cat thinks : he feeds me, I must be a god!"I would just like to know why are the pets turning humans when brought back to akira's home xD
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