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Short, sweet and smutty. Loved it.
I'm so glad I bought this, definitely worth the points! So funny and sweet >< The extra story was the icing on the cake. A must read.
I LOVED THIS! It's so hot and funnily enough makes me hungry during the smutty scenes. If i have one issue it's with the final smutty scene. After all the foreplay and build-up it's super short and rather unsatisfying. If there is an extra where Eiji properly devours Aki I want to read it!
Hilarious and full of those cringe "secondhand embarrassment" moments in true Harada style! Seriously the title says it all.
Simple, sweet and oh so pure and funny! On to the sequel now!
So cute and fluffy but kind of sad too! Definitely worth a read ><
Not a single page is wasted in this. Without a doubt one of the greatest love stories I've ever read.
I don't mind the premise I love m-preg stories but this is just lacking in so many ways. It's cute but too short and rushed. Too much time spent on resistance in the first two chapters then the final chapter blitzed through the ending... glad I rented instead of buying but feel like I could have spent those points on something better!
This is a flawless masterpiece
This is fantastic! I hope it gets more volumes it's the kind of manga with side characters and history you want to know more about. I love the MC's too I want to read more of their story! Seriously worth buying out right so glad I did.
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