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I don't mind the premise I love m-preg stories but this is just lacking in so many ways. It's cute but too short and rushed. Too much time spent on resistance in the first two chapters then the final chapter blitzed through the ending... glad I rented instead of buying but feel like I could have spent those points on something better!
This is a flawless masterpiece
This is fantastic! I hope it gets more volumes it's the kind of manga with side characters and history you want to know more about. I love the MC's too I want to read more of their story! Seriously worth buying out right so glad I did.
Just wonderful - so glad I bought this
Just increcible - beautiful art and touching story. I loved every page of this!
I really love this
I loved this but seriously if you're not into non-con then don't read it! There's a pretty dark chapter here.
Not as smutty as you'd expect but still brilliant. I feel rejuvenated!
lovely fluff - totally pulled my heartstrings
This is so fluffy and lovely! Really looking forward to the final chapter Renta, please and thank you!
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