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Just increcible - beautiful art and touching story. I loved every page of this!
I really love this
I loved this but seriously if you're not into non-con then don't read it! There's a pretty dark chapter here.
Not as smutty as you'd expect but still brilliant. I feel rejuvenated!
lovely fluff - totally pulled my heartstrings
This is so fluffy and lovely! Really looking forward to the final chapter Renta, please and thank you!
This is nice - I got the fluffy feels but I don't think it's anything amazing. Considering the orgy theme weaved in here the actual sex scenes were seriously lacking. Nice art though.
This was cute and funny, good for a light read if you have no expectations; and it's refreshing to read something not 100% smut (if you're here for smut go elsewhere!). I love this author but this is nowhere near the quality of her other stories. Character development was non-existent, it felt rushed and left me a little unsatisfied. Rent don't buy. I purchased it based on how much I enjoyed the other stories but that was a mistake. Rental is plenty.
I thought this was really good, but frankly I'm a perv so I can't stand it when there's so much build up to the MC's hooking up only to not get a decent smutty scene. I was so thoroughly disappointed with the end sex scene that it's completely soured my mood. If you're here for even one solid smutty scene go elsewhere. Otherwise this is great.
I put off reading this for so long thinking I wouldn't like it but it is wonderful! Beautiful art and super sweet and painful story.
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