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I really love this one going into it i thought it would have been a quick one that was fast paced but this was well fleshed out the characters are hilarious but also sentimental. I especially love our main character's little sister i cant stop laughing. This is worth it 100%. I loved it so much such a great story I'll definitely be reading this over and over again
I really liked the first two stories they were nice and sweet but the last one was just thrown in there. I see the sentiment but it wasn't my cup of tea. I would recommend you just rent this one but its still a good story to read.
I think this is a really good title and i recommend you all read it. I do think the ending is kinda off it kinda feels like we get all this build and then it drops. I would definitely read again tho it's a good read and its more about the story than the sex.
EXTREMELY EROTIC but so good too. This is some really kinky stuff so if you are on the tamer side or not too much into bdsm or at least the knowledge of it, this may be too much. But if you can handle it, its so gosh darn good. I love it, always if the sub has the “natural look” of a dom, I am all in hands down.
Not a Bad Series I actually liked this. The beginning was a little slow for me but as it moved on i actually liked their relationship and the innocence behind it. It was a little faced paced so i kind of wish it was longer so we can flesh some things out but other than that this was a good read.
This is pretty food so far the story line is pretty cool its consensual and the characters are not that hard to love. The females so far in this series are trash but its thats what makes the story. Cant wait to see what the later chapters bring me.
In my opinion its really cliche I love the concept and the characters are cool but the story seems stretched and some of the running gags aren't hitting. I get their trying to make it a little ecchi but it seems forced. All in all its a good one time story to read but thats about it.
Don't get me wrong there are some good elements in here, but the stories move way to fast and some of them you find yourself flipping the pages just so you can get it over with and move on to the next one. I know the multiple story angles are hard but this one may need some work.
I love the story development in this. It's not rushed at all. I am so in love and worth it as well.
The first two stories were pretty good with great characters and a pretty decent storyline. After that it did go a little down hill. The third story's storline was good but the top's personality was confusing. I dont know if the author was going for a look, like he acts a certain way around his love intrest or something but to me it felt like between his school personality and his home personality they were two completely different people which threw me off and wasn't talked about. The last two stories for me were just below average the story for the second to last one was good but it didn't seem well executed to me. The last one was just so boring and generic that I was practically flipping through the pages to get to the end. Overall it was an okay story not the best but again this is just my opinion others may love it so take it with a grain of salt. The art was done very well for the most part and I encourage the artist/writer to do more in the future maybe even a series next time.
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