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The art in this is gorgeous!!! The story is cute and easy to follow and the characters are likable and interesting :) I love that they kind of subvert expectations too! I really enjoyed this, definitely recommend :)
Love it! Art is gorgeous and I love how much they love each other and how confident they are in their love! The demon only stays a child for a couple panels so there's nothing creepy or unsettling there :) Very fluffy and I fell in love with these characters!
This was so so so cute and sweet and the main couple love each other so so much it's lovely to read about them!! It may seem obvious but of course they are high schoolers (I think seniors..?) and there's even some scenes of them as middle schoolers so if that bugs you maybe skip this one. The nice thing about drawings and fiction tho is that you can imagine them as any age you want in your head which is what I usually do lol. The one thing that kept this from being 5 stars is that there was this super disturbing and uncomfortable “bonus” chapter where the little sister of one of the main characters watches them have s*x and gets really turned on like she wants to be a part of it is even implied and that was the last chapter so it was just a nasty way to leave it off lol but if you skip that then it's totally cute! And the art is SO gorgeous omg I'm obsessed
Very cute and soft and fluffy!! There are a couple places that seem quite rushed but I imagine they couldn't fit any more character/story development in a realistic way so they did pretty good considering the limitations! The age gap is between a high school student and a man who is presumed to be some number of years older (I'm pretty sure they didn't say his exact age so I'm not sure ?). I don't have anything against age gaps generally speaking as long as it's no minors and this was a bit vague on that front but !!! very cute and I enjoyed!
If I could give this more than 5 stars I would!! Definitely one of my new all time favorites, these two are so sweet. This is a story about two men who are in love with each other and is definitely character driven rather than plot driven (which personally I prefer). They are very sweet on each other and super in love with pretty much no angst at all (which I also prefer). I could read about these two all day :) not to mention the art is gorgeous!! I love the dynamic between the two of them and that homosexuality is actually mentioned rather than it just being the trope of “omg I'm straight but I just love youuuu!!” (which I hate so I was glad to see they didn't go that route in this). Overall 100/100 I loved this! If there's ever a sequel or something I would be thrilled but until then I can re-read this :)
The first story was super cute - a few dubcon moments but unfortunately that just seems to come with the genre....and unlike many others, it wasn't consistent throughout their entire relationship at least? ahahah 8') anyways the art style was AMAZING, the artist showed emotions and personality SO well. The second story left a lot to be desired. It felt really rushed and what little plot there was seemed all over the place, and I didn't care about the two leads at all. The epilogue was really cute and I loved seeing their dynamic continuing as a real couple. Overall I really recommend this for the first story and epilogue!!! The extra story seemed a bit shoved in there tho, but still worth the money in my opinion!
These two have such a cute relationship dynamic, I love to read about them ;; They are so sweet and wholesome and I love to watch them grow together!
This was so cute and wholesome! I loved their relationship dynamic and even though it was pretty short I got attached to the characters and was rooting for them all the way :) I liked that they didn't waste time on annoying ones dimensional side characters and focused solely on the plot and the relationship of the two leads. The art style is also consistently gorgeous and I am now officially a fan of this author!!!
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