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I initially bought the series because the story looked promising and the art from the first few pages of previews was decent. Unfortunately, the art started getting worse almost immediately. There are a lot of glaring anatomy issues... For instance, in one panel Kuro had 6 fingers instead of 5... The story felt sudden too... I guess if you're ok with typical shoujo cliches and useless heroines, then you might enjoy this. The main character literally gets sexually assaulted almost every chapter...
The art, the flowers, the story; everything was just so beautiful! I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It's not your run of the mill Japanese Uke X Foreign prince type story. I could feel that a lot of thought was put into the story by the author. Although it was only one volume long, the author managed to convey the story of two people who are different but so much alike. It's not only a story about love, but also one about finding yourself. I don't want to spoil anything but it was a great plot point keeping the two main characters' names hidden until the final chapter. I definitely shed a tear or two out of happiness.
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