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The story had potential but it was squandered due to the rushed ending. The author tried to resolve everything within one chapter but the pacing became super fast. I really suspect that the manga wasn't popular enough so the author was forced to finish it quickly by her editors. She tried to go for a more serious story this time but unfortunately the rushing at the end made all the hardships the uke and the seme had to go through seem almost comedic. The father, who was this big and foreboding final boss type character became tamed immediately once the seme's mother returned.She was basically a deux ex machina who came in to save the day. Now, all of the issues are suddenly solved once she came back. There was still the peace talks between the two clans, but the story just ends abruptly there. Hopefully, the author will get more chapters to actually develop their story in their future works.
This was delicious! The characters were cute and interesting, the art was gorgeous, and the story was hilarious! Not to mention the amazing sex scenes! So good! Would recommend 10/10!
Two stars for the gorgeous art but that's where the positives end. First off, what the MC did was totally illegal and sexual harassment. Who sneaks into the shower of someone else without their consent in order to get pictures? I get that it's the whole premise, but everything just goes downhill from there. The younger brother then proceeds to forcefully finger and play with the MC at every chance he gets, even resorting to blackmail... He even pours maple syrup down the heroine's bottom half at one point. That's just asking for a yeast infection. Because of the dubious consent until the very last scene, none of the sex scenes felt hot to me at all. The plot point also made no sense, the older brother is a player so that's why the younger brother was trying to keep the MC away from him. Yet the younger brother was the one who assaulted the MC over and over again, even when she keeps saying no. IMHO, both brothers are equally shitty and the MC should stay away.
The story is pretty jumpy and cliché and the art isn't great either. I've read all 3 available chapters but will probably not buy anymore. If you're into typical and sappy shoujo mangas, you'll enjoy this. If you're looking for more original and interesting stories, then it's not for you.
I initially bought the series because the story looked promising and the art from the first few pages of previews was decent. Unfortunately, the art started getting worse almost immediately. There are a lot of glaring anatomy issues... For instance, in one panel Kuro had 6 fingers instead of 5... The story felt sudden too... I guess if you're ok with typical shoujo cliches and useless heroines, then you might enjoy this. The main character literally gets sexually assaulted almost every chapter...
The art, the flowers, the story; everything was just so beautiful! I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It's not your run of the mill Japanese Uke X Foreign prince type story. I could feel that a lot of thought was put into the story by the author. Although it was only one volume long, the author managed to convey the story of two people who are different but so much alike. It's not only a story about love, but also one about finding yourself. I don't want to spoil anything but it was a great plot point keeping the two main characters' names hidden until the final chapter. I definitely shed a tear or two out of happiness.
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