The Beast's Bride

author :

Teo Akihisa


Hinata's a fox who's become the bride of Kyouya, a member of the wolf pack. Their tribes are bitter enemies, but this marriage should bring about peace.
Hinata's disguised as a female at the wedding and has ulterior motives for his soon-to-be husband: he plans to kill Kyouya, who's the son of the wolf pack's leader...
The night of their wedding, he tries to carry out the assassination, but Kyouya catches on and he fails.
Because he has nine tails, Hinata's even an outcast in his own pack and he decides to wants to die. But, instead of killing him, Kyouya says, "It's time for our honeymoon" and takes him prisoner...
This is a dramatic inhuman story between an arrogant, self-centered wolf and a downtrodden yet very pretty and submissive fox.


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author :

Teo Akihisa

publisher :

Brite Publishing

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Japanese :

Bakemono no Hanayome

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