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This was just as good as I was expecting! The story is mostly narrated by the brother setting the rules. The art is beautiful, and the ambiance is in suspension for the whole book in part due to the narration. It's like when you set rules not to cross, but you keep crossing them so you set a new rule further but you can't help yourself, you keep pushing through it. It's so well presented and relatable. The sex scenes are not very explicit, it's a bit like in the movies where you see flashes of the couple making love, which succeeds in conveying the feelings, the energy. Loved it, totally recommend for anyone who likes a good "prohibited" love story. Translation is lacking a bit, which makes some texts harder to understand.
It was good, sweeter than I thought it would be, but still with some interesting story. I thought it would have kinkier stuff, given both the MC's tendencies, but there wasn't any. That was kinda missing. It would have been better with that. But still good fluff, smut, feelings, story. Pretty complete manga.
This is as much a dom/sub story than an omegaverse one. Their relationship is really unhealthy. The dom/alpha abuses his partner because he is so obsessed with him, even though he loves him. The sub/omega accepts to be abused because he wants to please his partner because he loves him. In every way, there is no real consent, or it's a forced one, based on miscommunication, misunderstandings and obsession on both parts. It's only acceptable because it's a manga and not happening in real life. That being said, because you know they both love each other, you keep reading cause you want them to have their happy ending. From what we understand of the story, they are bound to have a rocky relationship.
I really enjoyed how they took their time to test and respect their limits. And how the insatisfactions were brought on and how they resolved them. Really good read for a dom-sub theme, explains very well the boundaries. I would recommend this one one over others that are more hardcore or more sadistic for anyone new to the dom-subverse.
It was ok. The story isn't so good, it felt a bit flat, like the author didn'T succeed in conveying the feelings of the characters. Like they both go with the flow. Maybe because the top was so inexpressive. There is a scene where he needs confirmation from the bottom, but there was nothing leading to him being so insecure. There are some good scenes, and some made me laugh. The smut is quite short and not really exciting, it's just there.
It's just real cute. ^^It's funny, light, a real feel-good. The art is nice too.
It was good. But as someone else said, the pace is a bit off sometimes. The story is simple, there is not much twists and turns. I prefer when there is more suspense or at least more development to the characters and to the plot. The characters relationship progresses slowly, and then sex scenes are really quick, without much build up. It just didn't hook me up.
Holy shit! this is... there are so many things in there. It's totally a stockholm syndrome type of relationship. The guy who gets addicted to the sex with the one who detains him. But then, there is so much more! Two wounded souls, suspended time and unwilling actions and reactions. The characters are so complex and the story reveals the background slowly across the chapters, which keeps you hanging for more. It's not cute, it's even kind of dark at some moments, but the deepness is beautiful.
It was long, slow, and sometimes hard to understand. The dialogues are written a bit "interruptedly?" and we can't always see easily who is talking. It felt like those introspective movies that the critics like to much, but when you watch it it's not really enjoyable and you know you won't ever watch it again. Good thing I bought it on sale. The characters are interesting and complex. There is almost no smut, which is fine when the story is actually worth it and well written. The ratings were so good for this title, I am kind of surprised and also disappointed cause I had better expectations.
It was cute. Classic childhood friends who like each other story. I would have liked a bit more depth in the story and character development, there is not much challenge. But it was still a nice read.
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