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Even though I was expecting a sadistic top, I was a bit uncomfortable with how forceful the 2 MC's first relation was. But then, as for this author's other works, it evolves in a really good "pervy and obsessed but caring" top and "innocent but willing" bottom relationship. Overall, I recommend!
It was cute but it felt like the story was incomplete.
It's sweet and heartfelt. A good read about childhood love and a misunderstanding. Wonder why it's rated 18+ though, since there is no sex scene at all.
This is really good. I am happy they continued the series after chapter 6. I hope we will see more development in the MC's relationship. I like the art, it's more realistic. And the story is original, with the "big brother" and the tough looking guy who just wants to be cared for. Love strong but sweet bottoms!
Love a good gangster manga, with MCs who are both twisted and yet compatible.
I loved it. But you need to understand the type of relationship. Like omegaverse when alphas are in rut and omegas in estrus are pushed by their pheromones, here it's about a dom who wishes to control, love and care for a sub and the sub who wishes to be controlled, loved and cared for. So it's still consensual, and secure with safe words and both get to express what they want. I waited to read the whole series before commenting here to make sure I was comfortable with the whole story and it didn't disappoint. I would recommend to read with an open mind. Both MC are really cute and develop a great relationship. Also, the art is amazing!
This whole 5 books series is so good! The first book seems a bit forceful, but as the story goes, we really get to like both characters and how they are compatible. I enjoyed the slow paced rhythm and how each book brings its own situations that they overcome and where they get to know a bit more about each other's feelings. Ryusei Kaji is the dominent type, a man of few words who keeps his feelings bottled up and prefers to communicate with his body, and Midori is a sweet pushover who fights to keep the relationship to his own pace while he is still unsure of his feelings. Read it twice, I definitely recommend the series.
Soooo hot! Their story is very sweet and sexy. Loved it!
Reeaally good! Even better than the previous tome! Their relationship is progressing so well!
It's the best volume up till now! There are more things happening and the two MC progress in their relationship. Still not a lot of sex scenes, but it ends on a good note. ;) Still recommend the series!
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