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Normally I stay away from any works that are teacher/student, but this one hit all the right marks and didn't cross any lines, to me.
This was so funny. A quality read that you wish didn't end.
The story isn't forced and it's super refreshing.
It's quality. It's sweet. And most importantly there's respect of boundaries and interest. This was a lovely read.
This was great! Super fluffy and everything I needed in a cute story.
I want to give this 5 stars because it's good, it doesn't hit the emotional beats, kinda just glazed over them. It's a strong 4.5, though. I wish the author had pushed a little deeper and expressed all the emotions these two go thru! You get setup to tearbend but the next panel throws you off.
Super cute! I wish we got to see them graduate, but that's only because this story makes you want more. It's a slow build and just wish them the best, you know!
This was cute. I do wish it was cheaper, only because the chapters are short. Or even bundled, but the story is fluffy and sweet.
Absolute delight. I think I might like this story more than the other.
This was actually a great story. There was character! Plot! Development?! Definitely worth the purchase!
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