Monmonmon's Reviews & Ratings

Faster bring in volume 2. Definitely buying that one too. Such a wonderful story.
Its more of a seinen than yaoi. No smut and only a bit of romance but still a good story. I wish there's a sequel.
This is pure romance! The development is steady (and sweet) and very minimal smut. Overall it's a good read and i didn't regret buying this series.
Great story. If there's a sequel I'll definitely buy it too. No drama l, pure heart-warming story with adorable characters.
The development between the MCs a bit too forced and the sometimes the flow is a bit awkward. Overall it's still a good read.
This is more like a shonen ai than yaoi. I like how the plot progress and the characters as well. Adorable!
Yet another great story by Unohana sensei. I don't regret buying this.
Don't think. Just buy this. Worth every penny. The plot and the characters are fantastic. Wished the story runs longer..
that's it! I'm upgrading this. Loving the plot and the MCs.
oh my God!!! The fluffiness of the romance is getting me dizzy and my chest all tight??
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