thisprettyfly's Reviews & Ratings

Really f'd up and complicated emotions in this story. Hilarious and each twist made me want to read more. The characters are so expressive too. Loved it!
Dr and patient are both freaks!! Love the art and story in this one!
It's rare that yaoi makes me cry, but these two are tear-worthy. This story is so well written and lovely, worth every penny.
The plot was a strange, it seems the female mc just accepts the role of a housewife despite wanting a real relationship with the guy mc. The ending left something to be desired. The art is great which makes it sad that the writing was so lacking in substance.
Such a sweet story, gorgeous art too. So worth it!!
Everything about this, the art, the storytelling, captivated my heart! It's adorable, raunchy, and hilarious, and beautifully drawn. Can't get enough!!
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