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Very good storyline but the ending comes a little abruptly
Ooohh my gooood this is so adorable! A very enjoyable read that I knew I'd like just from the cover. I haven't read many other things like it, and I especially like how the characters are willig to compromise/adapt in sex depending on what the think their partner will like (a very refreshing alternative to the cliché semeXseme "you can't have my ass, I'll be the one topping you!").
If you're looking for storyline, don't expect much, but if some smut is what you seek, this definitely has it. Would have been better if some of the other 'cows' seemed to be enjoying their work other than being force or mind broken. I wish that the last three chapters were formated like the first so that it was cheaper, and that the main couple had a little more time together. Over all, the full color illustrations were a nice perk
Light hearted and fun, a title that I had always hoped to read and am so glad is on Renta! Though it looks like it's only an erotic comedy, it also has its sweet parts. Very enjoyable, and I can't wait for the next update.
Definitely agree with some other readers that it feels like this manga would have been better if it was a volume instead of a one-shot (felt rather cut off at the ending), but still enjoyable nonetheless.
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