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woah, that art is gorgeous! the world is rich and the action scenes are exciting, so far. It has historical fantasy elements. My only complaint would be flashback scenes mixed in and got a bit confusing at times. But reading about the political schemes in court and the drama has been cool. The male love interest comes off like a cold beauty, and the female lead isn't a complete damsel in distress archetype. Cheerful even.
Love this author! Purchased to show support. Triggers galore but also a dark comedy, Stockholm syndrome. Just stick it out if you're okay with darker themes. Scenes are very hot, (and disturbing at times) I'd recommend. My only complaint was be the spin couple, didn't care for them. Even if your someone who can't stomach heavy themes well, I think this a gem in bl.
love love! If you're a fan of the self deprecating, cutesy loser crybaby troupe who enjoys being pampered. no major triggers or dubious consent. They are both so adorable. Good length. I recommend.
Just ok, if you're interested maybe read up to chapter 3. The scenes aren't as hot after and the story ends a bit abruptly. Not much more insight into the characters and the chemistry was a bit lackluster. Also, a weird generalization was thrown in regarding homosexual people, it was odd to say the least. Maybe, it was just the translation I don't know. Overall, wouldn't recommend, easily could have been a One-shot. Had potential. Was a solid 3/5 till later chapters.
Love it! There's just something about Shun's soulless eyes that really do it for me lmao. I read this going in not knowing what it was about and this easily became something I enjoyed reading and then found myself checking frequently for updates. The mc is a big burly cutie. Then there is shun whos kinda the opposite but powerful also...idk lol. Without giving much away I'd say their dynamics are interesting. And if I had any complaints it would be I'd love to see more of shuns povs so far but even the side characters are enjoyable.Overall The scenes are hot, story doesn't drag, and it's funny with a touch of dark humor. I'd recommend.
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