amour's Reviews & Ratings

So, this is extremely cute and I can't wait to see what happens next. All the characters seem fun and I like that there is an actual recipe in the story (even though I probably won't try the main ingredient lol).
I really liked this one. While both MCs had heartbreak, you could tell from the start they still had feelings for each other. The FMC was hurt but still making it on her own. The MMC could be heartless, but it was definitely a facade. It was refreshing to see that while there were misunderstandings in the past, the FMC didn't lose herself while being vulnerable. It's also shedding light on something that most people in relationships don't want to even broach. Definitely recommend, very different Harlequin!
I absolutely never leave a review, but definitely needed to leave one for this. I love both characters. The MFL wants to help people but has troubling speaking to anyone she doesn't know. The hero is so stoic that it seems he doesn't know emotions. The fact that he's so patient with her and wants to help her overcome her fears is fantastic. And man is HOTT! Definitely looking forward to more of this story!
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