Whispers & Stoicism

Asahi Hiiragi suggests helping Uzuki to get over her extremely shy personality.

Uzuki gets painfully embarrassed. She works as cleaning staff because it doesn't require her to talk to people.
One day, Asahi asks her to dinner and he confesses his feelings to her. He's an employee at a security company. He's tall and big, doesn't show much emotion; he's a little scary... She starts to feel a little comfortable around him when she sees he's patient with her when it takes her time to talk. Still, she's a little unsure, so he suggests a "trial period" to date him. He wants to help her get over her fears and starts to take his shirt off, showing his well-built body...!

A sincere, poker-faced gentleman and a very shy girl. A sweet story between two unlikely people!

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Whispers & Stoicism (1)

Uzuki gets painfully shy and she definitely feels uncomfortable being with men. But, the unexpected man who shows interest in her is Asahi, a guy who never shows any emotion...[46pages]
Pages: 46
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Whispers & Stoicism (2)

As Asahi's trying to find a way to get Uzuki over her shyness, she confesses to him that she's actually very afraid of making love. Asahi asks her for some time to contemplate over this new confession.[40pages]
Pages: 40
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Whispers & Stoicism (3)

Asahi is about to lose control of himself as Uzuki, only in her underwear, hugs him. Uzuki has her guard down completely and Asahi decides he wants to take this relationship to the next level.[42pages]
Pages: 42
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author : Isezaki publisher : CLAP Comix whisper&mellow

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