Reiko's Reviews & Ratings

The story isn't the best, might even be slightly below average. The art on the other hand, is terrible. Perspective is super off, proportions...what is that?, the art style also keeps changing and is never fully consistent. For example, there were more than just a few eye types, face types, etc. Like, you could tell it was the same person but it gets a little hard to read without cringing.
The fl is REALLY obnoxious but this isn't bad enough that it's unreadable. It's ok.
I get the gist of the story but am heavily appalled at the fact that she did the internship and everything just to give it up for someone that essentially used her.
The art was good and it was hot but I felt so bad for everyone but the alpha.
Excuse me! Annabelle isn't your cupid, she cursed you.
Meh. It could've been better. They lacked this thing called communication and the "wedding and best man" part of this whole thing just faded into obscurity.
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